Thursday, June 20

Tupperware on Display, Finally

With the exception of the popsicle molds and maybe the green jello mold, all of this lovely Tupperware was given to me by friends or purchased at thrift stores.  It's about half of my "collection."  The remainder is used on an almost daily basis.  Still, it's too much for one person to possess.  "If you love something, let it go free..."

What's especially adorable?  The "How to hold a T'ware party" books from Brenda Smith, the avocado dill pickle holder, the yellow and orange no-tip sippy cups and the pre-Bento lunch boxes with their removable carrying straps.  My prize find--the canned ham keeper, with lift-out tray.

Thanks to Betsy for giving me the white shelves last Saturday.  They're a perfect backdrop for highlighting the pastel and fall-ish colors of T'ware.