Monday, June 25

Economical Decorations for Little Sailor Baby Shower

Over the weekend my daughter and a friend put on a sailor theme baby shower--look at these thrifty decorations and appetizers:
 Extra invitations were trimmed and used to add little boat signs to the cupcakes.  Extra large Lifesavers were anchored to the napkins with twine.
These n'little bateaus were created from paint sample cards and attached to cotton rope to create garlands for the windows and fireplace mantel.
 Paint sample cards were utilized again, cut into wavy flags and attached to the fruity skewers.
Thankfully, a family member grows summer spices and these basil leaves made excellent "peapods" for the mozzarella and tomatoes.

Thursday, June 7

Only 7 More Work Days Until Summer Vacation!

It's a little hard to control myself, but there are so few work days left until summer vacation I can hardly contain my anticipation.  Sleeping past 5:30 AM, drinking a full second cup of coffee in the mornings, de-cluttering my gardens...oh joy!
Sure, I hope to work as much as possible in home health or tutoring this summer, but it'll still be a nice break.  All you outofthehouse working ladies, try not to be too jealous.