Wednesday, June 19

Dragonfly Class for Beginners

For a very inexpensive yearly membership fee I get to go to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden  Lewis Ginter as often as I wish, which includes many free classes.  Today I took my first class on dragonflies in the garden.

"Butterfly Barbara" was our instructor for a 90 minute session indoors and a 30 minute dragonfly sighting trip outside.  You may think that 90 minutes is too much time to sit and discuss facts and photos about dragonflies, but the time "flew" by.  Barbara was an excellent instructor--lots of good info and a little zany, to boot:
Since it was a cloudy, cool-ish morning we were instructed not to get our hopes up about seeing any dragonflies, but the bog area in the garden treated us to about six different sightings.  Look hard!

Blue Dasher???

Dragonfly to the right of the little orange butterfly
One of the great perks about the garden membership is their reciprocal program with hundreds of other gardens.  When I travel back to the midwest I can get into the Chicago Botanic Garden for free.