Sunday, April 15

Positive By-Product of Helping Friends Declutter

After dropping off a friend's bags of decluttered clothes and household goods at the local thrift store, I did my usual scan for a better tote bag for the summer.  What was that I saw behind a bunch of other handbags--could it be the perfect tote bag for me???

Oh, yes!  The right size, lots of pockets and even one with a zipper and no thrift store perfumey scent.  I can see why it probably wasn't a big seller when new--the weird closures on the sides are very impractical--but I'll keep it open anyway. 

Later, I looked up other totes by this designer on her website and they are going for a hefty price.  My price???  $12.60!  Score!

Saturday, April 14

Spring Break? Not Really

No school for a week!  Yes, yes, I did sleep in late most mornings.  But the days were full.

This week brought in some $$$ for my rainy-day fund, via an organizing job at a friend's office.
Not organizing her work station or supply cabinets this time, but revamping her files.  It made me realize how much time it takes to make sure that duplicate papers are really duplicates, down to comparing/contrasting the initials and signing dates along the margins and on the signature lines of many different forms.

My other job was for a buddy. First, organizing her home office and a second day decluttering and organizing the kitchen.  I had forgotten how "twicky" those rolls of shelf liner can be; how they like to pretend that they're cooperating with you and then keep curling up around the borders.

It was interesting to learn how my buddy chose what to put in her kitchen cabinets.  I try to assign drinking glasses to a cabinet near the sink, to be close to the water faucet, but she put her drinking glasses near the refrigerator, since she usually pours drinks from pitchers in the frig.  I always discover a new way of looking at how to set up living spaces when I'm in someone else's home.