Tuesday, June 18

Reclaiming the Garden--Day One

Although I've done a tiny bit more on the garden than usual this past spring, it's still a weedy mess.  Today was spent on "Before" photos and reclaiming the area closest to the side door we use all the time:

Tons of weeds mixed in with the baby Cleome (spider) plants which are returning for the 5th year.  Since it's been drizzling the last 24 hours it was super easy to pull out the nasty weeds.


Weeds pretty much gone.  The chartreuse succulent ground cover was a breeze to transplant to the lower corner and will do well in the shallow ground covering a concrete area.  Plus, it won't compete with the cleome, which will be about 3' high in mid-summer.
Finishing touch--Filling the birdfeeders:
One with nyjer seed and one with sunflower seed.  Viewing these is a straight shot from the kitchen window.  Having cleaned them with vinegar and water a couple of weeks ago they were ready to get to work.  Can you see the white grease slathered on the post?  A little extra something to moisturize the squirrels' grabby paws... 

Sure, it's kinda late to offer seed but I think the birds will forgive me.