Saturday, June 22

All Kinds of Garden Gifts from Friends

Begonias and Ferns

So many friends gave me plants this past month.  Thx to Mark for the lush begonias, they look so pretty from a distance due to their striking colors.

The underside of the begonias is a lovely, deep rust color
My "therapeutic" outdoor work station
About five years ago my good buddy, Joe Paxson, designed this traveling garden work bench for me to use at schools with students who have difficulty bending down to the ground.  "I have to be able to take it apart real easy," I told him.  "The kids have to be able to get right up under it with their wheelchairs," I said. 

Of course, he made it exactly right.

A very fine mechanic friend made me this portable raised garden bench
Over the summer it'll be a great growing spot for two varieties of ferns, another plant present from Mark Y.  You can see Joe's precise measurements on the sides of the bench.

The garden improvements are attracting a lot of notice from the neighbors.