Wednesday, July 23

Thursday, July 17

Have Kayaks? Use 'em

This morning three friends and I set out on an unnamed reservoir in our kayaks.  One person had quite a bit of experience--the rest of us, not so much.

Before putting our toe-sies in the water we made a pact--if someone fell out of their kayak we would paddle over to them and extend an oar; they would then grab the oar, hold onto the rescuing kayak, and we would take them over to the shore. We would not jump into the water to save them--understood?  Okay, we're off.

Such high tech times; one of us had to respond to an e-mail during the paddle--crazy?  No, just modern life.

Hardly any other boats on the water during our two-hour paddle.  It was lovely.


Sunday, July 13

Maybe this will save my flat summer hair

A good work buddy passes along her perused magazines and I usually squirrel away several months' worth for my summer reading.  Well...Better Homes and Gardens compiled a list of "Blogger Award Winners" in the June issue and I think I've found the answer to my most-pressing hair quandary--the dreaded part.

Taming the dreaded part

If this stylist is right, all my hair worries will be over.  I will save so much time getting ready in the morning.  It will be lovely.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 12

Petersburg, Virginia--Great, As Usual

Becky and I hit Petersburg today and learned a big lesson--the Farmer's Market is held under the bridge in hot weather!  I didn't do my research and totally missed a great opp.  PetersburgFarmersMarket
However, we did cruise Petersburg Pickers Pickers  and nabbed a glimpse of Kimberly Ann, the owner. Alas, no success in the quest for finding the perfect-fitting desk chair.
The Oak TheOakAntiqueMall was full of fun, vintage items, including three Camp Snoopy glasses from Mickey D's and Vera Neumann scarves Vera Neumann that I almost took home.
We queried shoppers at Bling and decided to try lunch at The Brickhouse Run Brickhouse Run --it was delicious.  Fine service, too.
To keep me alert on the ride home up 95 I asked Becky to stop by Demolition Coffee Coffee before we hit the road.  One of the most interesting coffee houses I've been to--great artwork.

Blueberry heaven

This may be difficult to see, but it is a delicious single-crust blueberry pie.
The baker, my friend Judy, said that she didn't add cinnamon or nutmeg to the recipe since she wanted the blueberries to do the talking.  Well, the blueberries, handpicked in Dinwiddie, VA, told me to keep on eating.
Adam's Acres
I was afraid to even ask about the recipe; if I ever once made this pie at home I'd never stop making it.  The rim of the crust, mixed with vanilla ice cream, remained crisp and lingered in your mouth like a sliver of homemade toffee.
My SIL, Beth, makes a crumble crust b-berry pie for our holiday gatherings, so I relish delicious blueberries mixed with sugar, flour and spices several times a year--although I have to be rude and push ahead in line for a little piece before it's all gone.  If I can continue with my holiday treats and maybe sample Judy's pie once more before I breathe my last that'll be enough for me.

Wednesday, July 9

Feline-Assisted Gardening

The human digs and prunes, Stewey inspects.

If I work too long without taking a break, he wanders over for some personal attention.
 How can you say no to a cat?  

Saturday, July 5

New Baby Boy on the Farm

Uncle Grumpy had a nice surprise this morning when he went out to feed the pregnant mamas:

Not a 4th of July baby; born early this morning.  What to name him?