Monday, September 2

Cloudy Day = Cooler Temps at the Botanical Garden

Hit Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden with Joan at 9AM sharp this morning---sure had heated and humidified up by the time we left at 11.  We both had been to nature classes over the summer and Joan had been to Andre Viette's conference in Virginia last month, so we were psyched for learning Latin names of plants. That's what garden nerds do for fun...

The cloudy sky didn't make for great photos, but I had to record the elephant ears along the path to the conservatory.
 This was just about our favorite plant of the day--Eulalia.
 Thanks to my dragonfly class in June I could enjoy the Blue Dasher by name.
This is a type of Magnolia--great vertical growth.  Maybe they prune it off later but it looked so geometric in the sunlight.

Loved the bamboo plant marker.  Mark Y. gave me begonias just like these several years ago and they are blooming near my back door right now.  The reddish stems highlight the light pink blooms.  Begonia Grands Alba (Hardy Begonia)