Wednesday, July 7

It's Only 106 in the Shade Today

Since it was only 106 in the shade today, of course I decided that this was the day to de-clutter and organize my part of the "big shed."  I must be dreaming all of this because my family and friends will testify that I hate hot weather; maybe those vitamins I started taking this week did something to me.
Please keep in mind that there are no small children going in/out of the shed so keeping sharp tools and farm chemicals low to the ground is okay in our situation.  You're also going to see a lot of mess around the areas that eventually get straighted up--remember, we can't de-clutter someone else's stuff.
The target area to de-clutter today was the dog bench as well as figuring out a better place to keep small garden tools.  The dog bench is the home for biscuits, dog and cat grooming items and bird seed.  In cold weather I use it to brush my Springer Spaniel so I need a wide open space to set her on.
The open bag of dog biscuits went into a coffee tin.  I rescued the Tupperware cups and bowls that had been stolen from my kitchen and put out the "approved" dog food cups for easy use.  All the greasy feed and grooming supplies, like corn oil and hair oil, now sit on an absorbent paper towel near the recycled container holding the dog clippers.  Several tubes of 3-year old antiobiotics and canine ear treatment were tossed out.  It's way too hot to take Tellie inside the shed to groom her, but I could if need be.  Brushing Stewey is easier, since he can jump up on the bench by himself.  Please note--if you have even the slightest possibility that children or animals will get into your shed or storage space, please be very careful where you put sharp items and chemicals.
Small, infrequently used garden tools and dog care items went into a shoe organizer hung on the second door of the shed that is rarely opened.  Some of the tools were too top-heavy to safely stay in the shoe-sized pouches, so I used some recycled hay twine to attach short loops to the tools, then hung them from nails placed in a spot that wouldn't get brushed against when Mr. Farmer goes in and out of the shed.  Sometimes I get a little "push back" when I de-clutter a shared space, so I try to review any new arrangement with a critical eye and often slightly adjust where I've placed something so it doesn't unsettle the other person.

Yes, that is a new tablecloth on the dog bench.  It had been crushed up in a heap on the bench, waiting for its turn, for about 2 years...  Will share more photos of other shed storage areas in later posts.