Tuesday, July 20

It's Easy to Find the Cat Carrier When It's Hanging From the Ceiling

Here's the follow-up photo from the shed de-cluttering post of July 9th.  We can now walk all the way from the door to the back wall, turn around in any direction, and actually touch/pick up anything we want in the shed!  Note that several things are hanging from the rafters--we're short folks!

Although we moved in a three-tier shelf from the "big" shed, the little wall shelves were already in place, as were the many nails for hanging items.

A friend gave me the grain sack, which I stuffed with Wal-Mart bags to fluff it out for display.

The underpaid gardener of the house--note the white socks raised over the pants legs and heavily sprayed with insect repellent; great for keeping ticks and other biters from easily accessing my ankles.  If you're wondering "Where are all the flowers?" just blame the minimal rainfall here in Virginia, and the gardener's lousy attention to watering.