Friday, July 9

Hey, I Can Walk Inside My Shed Now

Didn't quite get it all finished, but this morning we couldn't even step into our small shed and now we can.
Took everything out of the shed and laid it on the very dry ground here in Central Virginia.  About 20% of the items headed to the dump, although Phil was able to reclaim some hardware from a few items.

After sweeping and using the power vac to clean out the cobwebs and years of dirt, we moved the wooden shelves from the larger shed and placed them toward the front of the small shed, where the sunlight would shine on them.  An old trunk fit perfectly under the lower shelf and that's where I put my "good" clay pots until I need them.  I've learned that I need to keep pots covered somehow or else I often find a bunch of black widow spiders hanging out in the nice, dark recesses of the pots.
Made an effort to put usable pieces of wood in just one corner of the shed so I can find them easily.  Same for b-balls, soccer equipment and tennis balls; they all went into a large container we already had.  Remember--resist the impulse to buy storage containers until you see how much you really have left to organize, after your de-cluttering efforts.
Look for photos of the finished shed layout in later posts.