Thursday, July 8

All in a Bunch

Do you pick up pretty rocks when you travel?  Where to put them all???  How about family photos--are they strewn about most horizontal surfaces in your home?
Visiting Betsy's home today for our monthly investment club meeting and admiring her extensive rock collection from her travels reminded me about an idea I read a long time ago about how to display favorite collections--mass them for greater impact. 
I'd love to close the lid of our inherited baby grand piano and display the photos there, but doing so would result in the pointy end of the piano lid jutting out into the hallway--ouch!  Compromise--put the majority of them into a glass front cabinet and arrange them on different shelves by family groups:  dear husband's growing up pictures, my family's photos, our kids and a special shelf for just the two of us.
This way the photos tell a story, at least to us, of where we came from.  Only two photos of my husband's mom who left this world at an early age, lots of photos of his twin and their dad.  Mini shots of my mom taking my brother and me swimming at Lake Wauconda in IL, even though she was afraid of the water.  Albums will never lose their importance, but a collection of framed family photos can tell a story, too.