Saturday, July 10

Do You Have Space to Help a Friend

A good friend called this afternoon to ask if we could temporarily store some clothes for her, since her adult child is moving back home to attend school.  Discussing her space needs reminded me of being a Realtor, as we problem solved her needs and talked in terms of linear feet of closet rod space needed to hang her out-of-season clothes.  I figured I could give her about 3-4' of hanging space and that suited her just fine.
After the call I moved out some items from the closets that were taking up prime real estate--two 5 gallon Rubbermaid coolers, gift boxes that I was saving to use at Christmas, and about 50 unused dry cleaner hangers that are now headed to the recycle bin.  What was I keeping those for???
A quick review of my other bedroom closets made me realize that I have invested about 5' of hanging space to clothes and linens that need to be ironed.  The linens are family hand-me-downs that require dampening and careful ironing as well as smaller pieces that I found at resale shops and often use when friends come over. 
On wash day (every Monday) my mom used to fold her clean clothes and linens and put them on a shelf for her once-weekly ironing day--Tuesday.  My items have been hanging up, waiting for my attention, for 6 months to 2 years!  That's too much real estate--physically and mentally speaking--to devote to clothes, tablecloths and pillow cases that nudge me for attention each time I open the closet door.
Years ago a friend told me that many nights she ironed clothes at 10 PM while she watched her favorite shows.  Her kids were in bed and the house was quiet.  Ironing calmed her down and she actually enjoyed doing it at this time of night.  She's slightly more "saintly" than me, but I need to find a method that works.