Friday, July 3

The Last Stages of Sorting the Junk Drawer

Yep, after a few days of the initial sorting of the junk drawer Uncle Grumpy saddled up to the kitchen counter and asked, "I'll just put this all in a can for the shed, right?"  Not so fast, Mister.

I spread out the mess on a couple of towels and started sorting. 
With just a tad of protest UG joined in.  We ended up with one pile to file in the newly-organized junk drawer, a small assortment to take to the manly shed plus a pile to keep in the house, tumbled together with no rhyme nor reason. 

What to use to keep the no-man's land stash??? Tupperware to the rescue!

I knew there was a reason to buy that lunchbox at Goodwill way back when.  It's been sitting on a shelf in my Tupperware shrine for several years and now it's back on duty.