Wednesday, July 8

Rock Hound Heaven

My good OT buddy, Betsy, told me a few weeks ago that she'd send me a few cuties from her rock-hunting collection.  Well...there was a very heavy flat rate box from sunny California waiting for me on the steps this afternoon.  What might be inside???
The unearthing begins:

More than half the rocks were nestled in little pieces of paper, describing their ID and where Betsy discovered them.

The fern green quartz in this is beautiful in the sunlight.

Love petrified wood!

Crumbly, just like salt--duh.

T-Rex?  Stegosaurus?

Look closely to see the patterns.

This is 1/3 of the stash--love 'em all!
Thanks Betsy!  Thanks to the Lord for making the rocks and giving me such generous friends.