Thursday, July 9

Cooling Off in the Yard

Yesterday was too much of an "indoor" day so I planned to be outside as much as possible today.  It was, however, quite stifling here in RVA.  How to stay cool outside?

After following the shade with my trusty watering can for awhile I decided that the outdoor furniture and my smaller pet rock were greatly in need of a scrub.

This rock has a built-in watering hole for the blue-tailed skinks skink stuff that lurk in the shadows.

Out of respect for my conservation friends, and because I felt so guilty for using water on such a hot day, I placed a few drop pans where I could to catch some grey water while rinsing off the suds.
Uncle Grumpy was charmed into repairing a loose part of the chaise lounge seat, which was drooping lower and lower with each use.
First, procure the manly tools.

Good as new.
It doesn't feel like 94 degrees when you're drenched with water and working in the shade.