Monday, July 6

Many Benefits of Being a Decluttering Advocate

Because my friends know I enjoy de-cluttering and helping others do the same, I tend to be the recipient of great pass-along treasures when people make the break from their abundance:

My buddy, BC, has given me beautiful kitchen-related items over the years as she sorted through her parents' home.  She even brought me Tupperware that a friend saved for her to give me!  Here's a photo of the pink T-ware from a while back plus two items from the box of goodies that BC gave me last Saturday:

The sea-foam green tray perfectly highlights this African violet plant, sitting in its "Wizard of Id" baby cereal bowl:
Today, our mutual buddy and arteest supreme, AW, came by to work in her garden and answer my pleas to see if she'd like any of the gift stash from BC.  After she was coerced to pack a few items into her pail I asked for some advice with arranging my farmhouse treasures from my mom, plus items given by friends.  Well, I got the best deal of the day because my hearth and mantel went from haphazard and boring to this:

A rock from Betsy, crocks from Phil's aunt and uncle in Fork Union, milk bottles & carrier from Joan, cherry pitter & mixing bowl & ladle from my mom it's easy to see and enjoy it all.

The Lord has given me generous friends.  I'm very thankful.