Monday, August 16

You Don't Read This Calendar Tip Very Often

This is from the digest on my birthday, which is very appropriate since it takes me about 2 hrs in the bathroom every morning to get ready to leave for work...

A note about calendars. My calendar is in the toilet attached to the door because everyone, at some time during the day or night, has to sit and face the door. It has everyone's birthdays (including their age), appointments, when someone is traveling and when they're returning and even how many years people have been dead. I know that sounds macabre but I've had so much appreciation when I've sent a simple message to a friend or relative just saying that I'm thinking of them.

Loving being a FlyBaby.


Mullaloo, Western Australia

And then the response from Kelly, who works with Flylady:  "FlyLady keeps her calendar in the bathroom, too!! Just find a place where you know everybody looks at it! Make sure you include in your daily routines to update it!!"

Today I looked at my backlog of work e-mails--it's been a long time since school let out in June and there were so many SPAM e-mails to delete.  It made me recall one tip I learned last year for quickly deciding which e-mails to delete:  Sort them by Sender and delete them in chronological order.  That way you can keep the "final decision" e-mail of the bunch and forget the earlier discussion-type e-mails.  Also, sticking with one Sender at a time helps my brain keep on track a little better than hopping around from person A to person B.