Saturday, August 21

Vinyl Treasures

Didn't my friend do a great job of organizing and displaying her 33 RPM collection?  She arranged it so that it would not be obvious when you view her living room from the front hallway, but rather she planned the arrangement so that it's tucked into one corner and you don't really focus on it until you're fully in the room.  This way the "wall of sound" doesn't dominate the room but allows the fireplace and other features of the space to be appreciated before a visitor sees the shelves housing the records.  

She enjoys listening to the records on her 1950's turntable console, which also serves as a functional table in her foyer.  In addition to making it easier to locate the album she wants, she now has better access for the arduous task of taking inventory of the collection and doing research on some titles.

Side note:  My friend helped me with some tricky formatting for a special project I'm working on.  Although she's a highly-paid graphic artist she traded me 4 hours of consultation for a few of these yummy chocolate cookies my daughter made from a Paula Deen recipe--they have oatmeal as a main ingredient so they're good for a "complete" breakfast anytime, if you add a little milk...