Tuesday, August 3

Where O Where Did the Mildew Go

One more month of summer, then back to school.  Here is a photo of a friend's system for keeping summer camp necessities ready to grab, Monday through Friday.  Her charming mom begged the Gymboree folks for 5 tote bags for dear grandson #1 and my friend bought 5 identical beach towels, 5 swim suits and 5 each of the other needed items (water shoes and underwear) for swim camp. 
Think she's extravagant?  No, just a good shopper.  She was willing to find items at Goodwill but discovered super sales at Target instead.  Besides, her younger son will one day be using the items for his upcoming summer camps. 
Having identical items in each bag reduces potential early morning fusses--like her son's wanting to take the still-wet-from-yesterday shark towel instead of the dry, mildew-free dolphin towel.  Wouldn't we all like more peaceful mornings?
"It might be a little more expensive to do it this way, but thrifty shopping for summer gear goes a long way when not having to wait for towels or bathing suits to finish in the wash the night before or the morning of a school day. And the plastic gymbo bags, one of my favorite stores, work well with the wet clothes and are a good way to reuse the bags. I have been using the same bags for about a month --they have held up well so far! An added benefit--Son #1 likes toting the bag over his shoulder."

Remember--keep those (potentially dangerous) colorful plastic bags away from little ones who would rather play with them than with the safe, educational toys you carefully pick out for them.