Friday, September 10

What a Difference a Little Peace and Quiet Makes

When I'm at work doing paperwork, there are usually several people nearby and it's very difficult to concentrate when their work-related conversations concern topics which pertain to my work as well.  However, today I stayed in the library at one of my schools and worked for a couple of hours on preparing student data forms, which I use to track progress during the year.  There was even--gasp--a window near me which looked out over a landscaped area at the school.  Bliss.

In those two hours I probably did more concentrating than 8 hours combined at my usual work station.  Best of all, the feeling of frustration when trying to unsuccessfully remain focused was nowhere to be found.  What luxury.

Do you beat yourself up for having trouble focusing at work?  If you have solutions and/or suggestions for this dilemma please share.