Saturday, September 18

A Gem from the digest

Well, I was having qualms about working full-time until I'm 70, but this lady's post on today's digest on has inspired me to keep aiming toward that goal.

Dear FlyLady,

I am 72 years old & still working- - at my third career (first:phone company supervisor; second: math teacher; third: church secretary/bookkeeper). By using your method, my home looks better than it ever did.

I have my Flight Control Journal with morning & evening routines, weekly routines,& zone routines. I combine these with index cards for monthly, quarterly, & yearly routines. When I complete a monthly, quarterly, or yearly task, I move the index card to the next appropriate month.

I have your purple Office in a Bag which I carry with me everywhere for on-the-spot use. Therefore, I always have something to read, plus notecards and postage stamps with me. Being organized as you recommend, there's time to go to the gym before work, attend evening events & meetings, & play the organ for up to three services on the weekend.

Couldn't do it without God's help and yours, FlyLady!

FlyBaby T