Sunday, September 19

Another Flylady post

Yes, I'm crazy about Flylady.  Once I finish reading Sink Reflections I start all over again.  Here's a post from her digest today and it makes so much sense.  Only problem--you have to have an empty drawer...

Hi FlyLady,

Recently my 11-yo DS and I had the opportunity to rearrange his dresser. Thanks to you, we set aside his top left dresser drawer as his "tomorrow drawer."
Before he goes to bed, he puts his clothes for the next day in that drawer, along with his belt and a pair of socks and clean undies. Plus anything small he wants to remember to take somewhere the next day. Those are the only items in that drawer.
He is so excited about his Tomorrow Drawer! He has a launching pad for his backpack, but he didn't want his undies out where anyone could see them & neither would I (lol). And I am amazed when he appears fully dressed & ready to go.
Thank you for the inspiration. The tomorrow drawer is already working well and it will make mornings a lot easier next week when school starts.
Flybaby in CA

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