Saturday, July 12

Petersburg, Virginia--Great, As Usual

Becky and I hit Petersburg today and learned a big lesson--the Farmer's Market is held under the bridge in hot weather!  I didn't do my research and totally missed a great opp.  PetersburgFarmersMarket
However, we did cruise Petersburg Pickers Pickers  and nabbed a glimpse of Kimberly Ann, the owner. Alas, no success in the quest for finding the perfect-fitting desk chair.
The Oak TheOakAntiqueMall was full of fun, vintage items, including three Camp Snoopy glasses from Mickey D's and Vera Neumann scarves Vera Neumann that I almost took home.
We queried shoppers at Bling and decided to try lunch at The Brickhouse Run Brickhouse Run --it was delicious.  Fine service, too.
To keep me alert on the ride home up 95 I asked Becky to stop by Demolition Coffee Coffee before we hit the road.  One of the most interesting coffee houses I've been to--great artwork.