Saturday, July 12

Blueberry heaven

This may be difficult to see, but it is a delicious single-crust blueberry pie.
The baker, my friend Judy, said that she didn't add cinnamon or nutmeg to the recipe since she wanted the blueberries to do the talking.  Well, the blueberries, handpicked in Dinwiddie, VA, told me to keep on eating.
Adam's Acres
I was afraid to even ask about the recipe; if I ever once made this pie at home I'd never stop making it.  The rim of the crust, mixed with vanilla ice cream, remained crisp and lingered in your mouth like a sliver of homemade toffee.
My SIL, Beth, makes a crumble crust b-berry pie for our holiday gatherings, so I relish delicious blueberries mixed with sugar, flour and spices several times a year--although I have to be rude and push ahead in line for a little piece before it's all gone.  If I can continue with my holiday treats and maybe sample Judy's pie once more before I breathe my last that'll be enough for me.