Monday, July 29

Closet Rescue and Repurpose

When we had overnight guests two weekends ago I was very afraid that they would accidentally open the closet doors in their bedrooms and see the messes inside.  To me, the inside of my purse and the inside of my closets tell the true story of what life is like inside my brain--confused, over-sentimental and slow to make decisions.

My DD made an appointment with me to help me clean out the closet in her old bedroom and yesterday we worked for 2+ hours on that one space.  Very little of the items inside were hers but I still felt like I needed her "permission" to let go of some things, since they had been handed down by family or dear friends.
Good thing she and my DS aren't the least bit attached to family stuff; we ended up filling up the entire back of my little car with bags to take to the thrift shop and I made sure to run them over today.  What a relief.
This afternoon I transferred sewing materials and a few other items from the master BR to this closet, so it's full again.  The closets are playing leapfrog since I'm moving some items from one space to another in order to combine similar things.  After cleaning out the master BR closet this afternoon my car is filled to the brim again, ready for the thrift store run, and includes a package labeled, "Jeans for making quilt--2003."  So sad.