Thursday, July 5

Do it Yourself Walking Tour of Church Hill

I looked all over Google last night for info on a self-guided walking tour of the Church Hill area, but ended up planning my own based on my foggy memories of working at Bellevue Elementary School many years ago.

A girlfriend and I braved the heat for a little while, then retreated to a de-lish lunch at Millie's Diner on East Main Street.

Richmond is still pretty on a 100+ degree day, especially the shady spots.

 This road is directly alongside Bellevue School.  We watched a lady riding a scooter chug, chug, chug up the hill.
 Escaping hydrangeas
 A cobblestone alley
 More alley
 It just keeps getting prettier and prettier
 Spikey wrought iron
 Old stained-glass windows
 Drought warrier
 "The Dancing Man" statue at Bellevue School
 These impatiens are probably watered several times each day
 More hydrangeas
 Intricate grill work on the porch railing
Happy 5th of July to all!