Saturday, December 18

Magazine Mountain

What do you do when a wonderful family member loves to keep magazines, trade journals and catalogs for a long time?  Well, Flylady reminds us that we can only change ourselves and that's true.
There are some things we can do to make the situation better. 

We can keep most of our home de-cluttered, the spaces we're primarily responsible for maintaining.  We can remove any of our mess from the family member's messy area.  For example, we can keep our magazines and catalogs in another place and not add them to the "magazine" table.  Very importantly, we can resist the temptation to organize the magazine collection (such as putting all the "Time" magazines in one stack in reverse chronological order) or making snide remarks about how unattractive the area looks.

Our homes can look very peaceful, tidy and spacious if most of the home is uncluttered.  Our dear family members have preferences for how they like to keep their belongings and we really can't organize for another adult, unless they want to change their habits.  I'm sorry.