Saturday, March 27

East meets West

My friend, Amy, and I had so much fun de-cluttering and organizing her pantry shelves.  See the "before" photo of the whole pantry, then look at the close-up of her canned goods shelf after she streamlined and organized the contents.  Notice that the Asian foods are separate from her other foods, to make finding them easier.  I admit, I could pick up the can of tuna much easier than the one of eel--Eek!!!  I'm such a wimp!

We used about 2 hours to tidy up 3 shelves, but we also took some breaks to talk about kids and life during the process.  My favorite part of the morning?  Amy fixed dumplings with vegetables and spicy dipping sauces for our lunch--Yum!

Doesn't her son look adorable as he drags the out-of-date canned goods to the back door?  Kids love to help.