Tuesday, June 16

The Start of Summer

Despite the record heat of RVA, today was pretty nice.

Swept out the playhouse and unfurled my new-to-me decoration; a real steal from Thrifty Quaker this past winter--about $4.00 for a double-sided, well-sewn flag.  The decks of the playhouse are wide and I plan to relocate a comfy chair on the side that faces the back yard.  Great shade and not too many mosquitoes.  Saw a wild turkey scrounging for treats right below the deck this evening.


A more recent find from the same thrift store--a carved parrot.  He looks right at home with the deer skulls (found in the woods, thank you for your concern) and should make for some interesting conversation when Uncle Grumpy and his buddies hang out and enjoy their stogeys.