Friday, July 8

Save Money--Repair and Maintain Those Garden Tools

Working in the flower gardens is much more enjoyable with sharp shovels and hoes.  I asked my sweetie to show me how to use the grinder to sharpen the blades and we made sparks fly!

Since I had some help in the shed, I found a hose clamp and my sweetie attached it to the split handle of my hoe.  Yes, I'm cheap and don't want to buy a new handle.  I think the clamped handle is going to work out much better than the twine-tied "fix" I recently did for my old shovel.
Gardening is going to go a lot faster now, since I won't have to duck when the blades fly off the handles and then shove them back on tight enough to keep working.  If I remember to wipe the dirt off the blades after I'm done then maybe they will stay in better shape.  Last year I combined rock dust with motor oil in a wide bucket and used it as a parking spot for the tools, metal side down in the bucket.  That kept the rust off well.